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Kentico Gold Partner Since 2008

Kentico Xperience Gold Partner Logo High Monkey is a globally ranked Kentico Gold PartnerWe have been working with Kentico Xperience (formerly named Kentico CMS / EMS) since 2005. The Kentico Xperience platform is one of the best values available. Our skilled team has helped many of our clients evaluate a wide variety of content platforms, and Kentico has consistently scored high marks for return on investment. The Kentico Xperience platform is very robust and is a great development platform for our clients that need to go the extra distance via custom .NET code.

Kentico Xperience is an ideal platform for marketing teams and content managers alike—it’s website administration and content management features are unmatched in ease of use and variety of features.These features give Kentico Xperience a distinct advantage over other content management platforms, making the back-end experience enjoyable and painless.

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Our Client's Voice

Quotation mark for first Kentico testimonial    We looked for an all-in-one marketing platform that would give us the capability to create personas, score visitor actions, personalize visitors’ page views, email, analytics and more. As a small company, we wanted all the newest marketing capabilities but did not have the budget to continually buy bolt-on products for our website to support our wants. Kentico’s EMS product offered everything we needed for our marketing efforts within a website platform that fit within a small company budget.

Kentico’s affordability stood apart from other marketing content-management systems we were considering because it offered us the ability to purchase the platform for one fee, instead of an ongoing monthly commitment. By purchasing Kentico EMS we were able to wrap the platform costs into our website development and be done! Of course, knowing we have the ability to upgrade our platform as Kentico releases upgraded versions is nice, but it’s a relief to know that it is not mandatory. As a marketing professional, Kentico EMS provides me the ability to not be held back by my company website but instead move forward with confidence.    End quotation mark for first Kentico testimonial 

Amanda, Marketing Manager

Quotation Mark for second testimonial    We came into the process with experience in Kentico and knew that Kentico would continue to be the best solution for us because of its easy site management dashboard and content editor. The High Monkey team created some “short cut” features (widgets) that allowed us to take advantage of some of the great functionality Kentico has to offer. We had some unique needs that they addressed very well, from custom tables and directories, to staff contact widgets. The High Monkey Team also took the time to walk us through the new site and all of its features and also answering questions about basic best practices, like URL naming conventions and file organization. Their expertise proved to be invaluable.   End quotation mark for second Kentico testimonial

Elyse, Marketing Communications Specialist