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Green Disposal Guide Website


Hennepin County‘s Green Disposal Guide is an online resource for residents looking to recycle, reuse, or dispose of items. The Guide provides lists of commonly disposed items and how to dispose of said item properly, including detailed lists containing information on drop-off facilities, fees, and alternatives to disposal such as where to sell or donate the item. 

In 2013, High Monkey began a long-term consulting relationship with Hennepin County. The primary objective of that consulting agreement included the rebuilding of all Hennepin County public facing websites. High Monkey provides expertise in the Sitecore CMS platform to the County and is leveraging Sitecore to provide a centrally managed CMS environment while using common design elements and standardized templates for County websites – all while allowing for unique branding for each County website. High Monkey also implemented the Coveo Search platform – another standard used for all Hennepin County public-facing websites. High Monkey worked closely on this project with another of the County’s consulting providers, Minneapolis-based Azul7. The creative team at Azul7 provided the design theme, graphical elements, HTML, and CSS while High Monkey delivered the Sitecore build, Coveo search implementation, functional and compliance testing, and implementation expertise.

Project type: Public Website Platform: Sitecore


Accessible DesignImprove UX of Search
CMS easy to edit and updateProvide custom info on all items
Ease of access on hand-held devices was an important goal for the Green Disposal Guide website. The Hennepin County team also identified a need for content to have greater 'findability' and relevance via the Coveo search engine that was seamlessly integrated into the Sitecore content management plaform. They also wanted a way to 'cross-link' related items needed to be provided to improve the user experience for website visitors.


  • Large amount of variable details per item, sheer amount of specific details
  • Items needed to be easily searched and found by users
  • Items needed to relate to one another

Services Required

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Search and Content Strategy
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Website Design and Build


  • Crosslink items that may bring up similar or same results (ex: glue and adhesives)
  • Create “related items” navigations with clickable links to related options
  • Using coveo search to create easily searchable site and make items easily searchable
  • Create highly detailed item form and present data dynamically based on what form fields was filled out