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Hennepin County is made up of 45 cities and has a population of 1.2 million residents. The Hennepin County Attorney is Michael O. Freeman, who was first elected in 1990, serving until 1999. Mr. Freeman was elected again in 2006 and has been the County Attorney since that date. The Hennepin County Attorney's office represents the legal interests of Hennepin County. The office prosecutes criminals, advocates for victims, and provides support to Hennepin County children, families, and neighborhoods. The office is recognized as a superior public law office in the state and the employer of choise for those seeking a career in public law.

In 2013, High Monkey began a long-term consulting relationship with Hennepin County. The primary objective of that consulting agreement included rebuilding all of Hennepin County public facing websites. High Monkey provides expertise in the Sitecore CMS platform to the County and is leveraging Sitecore to provide a centrally managed CMS environment while using common design elements and standardized templates for County websites - all while allowing for unique branding for each County website. High Monkey also implemented the Coveo search platform - another standard used for all Hennepin County public-facing websties. High Monkey worked closely on this project with another of the County's consulting providers, Minneapolis-based Azul7. The creative team at Azul7 provided the design theme, graphical elements, HTML, and CSS while High Monkey delivered the Sitecore build, Coveo search implementation, functional and compliance testing, and implementation expertise.

Project type: Public Website Platform: Sitecore


Enhance search functionResponsive Design
News release functionalityUpdate design

In 2014, High Monkey began work with the Hennepin County Attorney's Office to re-design and re-build the public website for their organization. Their existing website needed to be updated with Hennepin County's public-facing website branding and look-and-feel. The County Attorney's Office team highlighted their need for the design to be responsive for use on multiple devices. The primary goals for the re-design of this site included: 

Adaption of the templates previously created for www.hennepin.us by High Monkey. This approach of website layout and design standardization was part of an effort to conserve tax payer money and to create a consistent aesthetic (with new county branding) across all Hennepin County sites. Other goals included:

  • ​Enhance existing search function
  • Implement responsive design
  • Add additional functionality for news releases to create "news feed" 
  • Update the design (provided by Azul7) within County branding guidelines to create an aesthetic that is recognizable as a Hennepin County site 


  • Extend the existing County website design to allow for minor customizations for Attorney office
  • Add additional functionality for news and press releases with ability to sort and filter results
  • Assist with migration of existing content into Sitecore CMS
  • Create "news feed" functionality for news releases

Services Required

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Search and Content Strategy
Design service icon
Website Design and Build


  • Build news release function for ‘News Feed’ page
  • Migrate 213 pages of content from existing website into Sitecore CMS
  • Re-write content and fixing formatting issues 
  • Build the website within the SItecore CMS using templates created for Hennepin.us  
  • Implement Hennepin County branding and identity standards  
  • Create wireframes including home page design, index page design, and detail page design including one round of revisions 
  • Custom search configuration within Coveo search engine based on requirements developed by the County including features, functionality, and search result page styling
  • Knowledge transfer to Hennepin County team including training and migration 
  • Functional testing and compliance testing 
  • Use of High Monkey’s content tracking tool for 213 pages of web content