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Hennepin County Public Library Website


Hennepin County is made up of 45 cities and has a population of 1.2 million residents. Hennepin County Library is a national leader of library service, innovation, and excellence. They have 41 libraries total that serve over 611 square miles. The County Library website has the highest traffic of all Hennepin County websites. The Library’s mission is to nourish minds, transform lives, and build community together in hopes of ensuring that every person has the opportunity and resources to read, graduate, engage, work and learn. 

In 2013, High Monkey began a long-term consulting relationship with Hennepin County.  The primary objective of that consulting agreement included the rebuilding of all Hennepin County public facing websites.  High Monkey provides expertise in the Sitecore CMS platform to the County and is leveraging Sitecore to provide a centrally managed CMS environment while using common design elements and standardized templates for County websites – all while allowing for unique branding for each County website.  High Monkey also implemented the Coveo Search platform – another standard used for all Hennepin County public-facing websites.  High Monkey worked closely on this project with another of the County’s consulting providers, Minneapolis-based Azul7.  The creative team at Azul7 provided the design theme, graphical elements, HTML, and CSS while High Monkey delivered the Sitecore build, Coveo search implementation, functional and compliance testing, and implementation expertise.

Project type: Public Website Platform: Sitecore


Responsive DesignImproved search & data storage
Enhance library experienceProgram and events integration

In the Summer of 2014, High Monkey began work with the County on the Library site. The primary goals of this site re-design and re-build:

  • Meet responsive design needs of users to interact with the site in a mobile environment
  • Create a service-focused environment on the web site to enhance an existing Library experience
  • Create a website that is further aligned with developing Library initiatives
  • Develop a website that is in alignment with existing tools and with improved search and data storage initiatives for Hennepin County
  • Provide ‘Program and Events’ integration with Library system
  • Provide browsing abilites that include integration of third-party list making system
  • Integrate locations with hours of operation into an interactive Google Map


Throughout the duration of this project, there were many challenges that needed to be addressed. These included:

  • Integration of third-party systems in an easy-to-use manner for the browsing of book lists and events
  • ​Implement locations for map to generate dynamically and hours status to show dynamically
  • Prioritize performance of the site for speed and efficiency due to high traffic and volume
  • Implement Faceted search using Coveo 

Services Required

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Search and Content Strategy
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UX and DX Design
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Website Design and Build


High Monkey provided a website re-design and build solution approach for the Library that included the following:

  • Integrate ‘Program and Events’ with the Library System
  • Develop Question Point service in alignment with the new HCLIB.ORG website
  • Quality assurance and bug testing
  • Integration of the Hennepin County Library catalog into the HCLIB.ORG website
  • Integration of third-party systems