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Kentico User Group Cloud Implementation


The Kentico User Group is a collaborative effort by Kentico Partners to provide education, knowledge, and best practices to the community of individuals who work with Kentico EMS / CMS on a regular basis or who are interested in learning more about the Kentico platform. The Kentico User Group website exists to bring together user groups around the world in order to connect Kentico users to events and resources online or nearby. The tagline of the Kentico User Group is: Community - Knowledge - Connections.

High Monkey is recognized as an early adopter of the Kentico Cloud platform and has been named one of twelve "original" Kentico Cloud Partners.

Project type: Public Website Platform: Kentico


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The Kentico User Group website needed to be re-designed to provide a central location for all user group events to be published, to provide information about new and existing user groups, and to provide easy access to online resources (such as blogs, technical documentation, and product information).

High Monkey decided to use Kentico Cloud's Headless CMS to manage and deliver the content for the new site while building the new site using .NET core and MVC running on a High Monkey web server. One objective of the Kentico User Group website is to speed up the content creation process by providing Kentico Cloud authorship permissions to Kentico Partner representatives who sponsor local groups so that content can be added or edited by user groups anywhere in the world.  The overall goal of the new Kentico User Group site is to create a clearinghouse for all Kentico users and events while making it easier for user groups to connect with one another regardless of location.


  • Obtaining updated information from other user groups, including upcoming and previous events, contact information, etc. prior to site launch
  • Creation of a contact form in Kentico Cloud system
  • Evaluating feedback and suggestions from multiple Kentico Partners as well as the Kentico Cloud as U.S. sales teams
  • Resource planning of High Monkey consultants to balance billable client work against the 'contributed' (pro-bono) hours needed to build the KUG site

Services Required

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Accessibility and Content Compliance
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Search and Content Strategy
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Website Design and Build


High Monkey worked to create a solution that worked best for the Kentico User Group project. This solution approach included: 
  • Development and integration of CRM contact form
  • Utilizing full functionality of the Kentico Cloud platform, drawing in information from multiple field types from Kentico Cloud including text, images, and documents (asset library), modular content, and taxonomy
  • Development of a workflow/e-mail system that sends a "daily digest" to content managers summarizing workflow statuses and content creation updates.