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Kiel Cheese Plant Website


The Land O‘ Lakes Kiel Cheese Plant is located in Kiel, Wisconsin. The plant has 99 employees and runs 24/7, 361 days a year. The award-winning plant produces 40 pound blocks of cheese, mostly cheddar, as well as high-quality whey products in 55 pound bags and bulk loads. The Kiel Plant produces 220,000 pounds of cheese on a daily basis—that’s 78 million pounds of cheese every year!

Project type: Public Website Platform: Kentico


Showcase the award winning plantclean, modern lookInduce intense cheese cravings
  • Create a single-page, long-scroll, yet easy to use website as a marketing tool to show customers where their cheese comes from and what it is like to work in the award-winning cheese plant
  • Utilize many different and engaging animations to show daily operations at Kiel Cheese Plant
  • Not really stated as a goal . . . but this website may cause cravings for Wisconsin cheddar and all things cheesy


This particular project posed unique challenges to the High Monkey team. These challenges included:

  • Complete customization of the page within Kentico that included developments to enable moving parts and to add many different sections to various places on the page
  • ​​Building out the functionality to allow clients to pick and choose where items are placed and how they moved

Services Required

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UX and DX Design
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Website Design and Build


To take their sections and build those sections out in Kentico to allow for placement of sections wherever they wanted.

  • Creating Kentico CMS (v8.2) Page Types from animated sections
  • Implementing custom styling and java script to enable animation functionality
  • Implementing video as part of animation
  • Build out of sections in Kentico for custom placement of content
  • Implementation and ensurance of browser compatibility

This project was completed by the High Monkey team in about one month, from start in late May to completion in June.

Kiel Plant Web Page