Medtronic Corporate Intranet


Medtronic is the world’s largest medical technology company, with a global reach extending more than 120 countries, 45,000 employees and treating over 8 million people annually. With nine very distinct operating business units, Medtronic had a need to centralize their internal intranet in order to provide a unified corporate experience for their employees.

Project type: Intranet Platform: SharePoint

Medtronic Corporate Intranet


Deliver contentPersonalized home pagearchitecture that allows sharing
Goals for the myMedtronic project included:
  • Deliver content to all Medtronic employees across the world including those in countries with low bandwidth or inconsistent Internet access.
  • Personalize the home page experience to deliver content for geography (country), business unit, and functional area based on the employee's login and user profile.
  • Create a content delivery architecture that allows content to be promoted or shared across multiple destinations within the Company.


Among the challenges for this project were Medtronic's large international user base spanning multiple business divisions. In some countries, low bandwidth was a major concern so the site could not be too graphically intensive or slow to display.  High Monkey took a lean development development approach to meet the challenges of delivering a seamless "one-stop shop" for end-users that allowed content to be owned, managed and published by separate business units all the while presenting users with the content targeted for them.

Services Required

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Website Design and Build


We knew we had our work cut out for us on this project because anyone who knows SharePoint understands the difficulties that come with using it as a true web content management system. High Monkey's team of information architects, developers, designers and consultants and set to work. After carefully distilling Medtronic’s pain points and future requirements, we set forth through our full web development methodology. Activities included: requirements, card sorting, information architecture, wire-framing, iterative graphic design, SharePoint custom development, workflows, training and deployment.

When the project was complete, Medtronic had a fully functional publishing framework, developed completely in SharePoint.  Each business unit was able to manage their own content, while the system took care of ensuring each was user was presented with only the content that was applicable to them. To top it off, the site featured a unique user interface, blending Medtronic’s corporate branding standards with an interactive homepage, allowing users to follow additional news areas and build their own catalogue of favorite sources.