Medtronic Americas Region Network


Medtronic came to High Monkey with a need to build out an intranet site for their Americas region. This region included business units from Canada, Latin America, and the United States. Medtronic provided the overall design for the intranet home page and subpages, while High Monkey was tasked with building out the site and any necessary sub-pages, and implemented the provided design into the structure.


Project type: Intranet Platform: SharePoint

Medtronic Americas Region Network


Host multi-lingual contentBuild in SharePoint environment
  • Build out fully functional SharePoint pages and sub-pages for Americas Region Network
  • Make content available in four languages: English, French, Portugeuse, and Spanish


Services Required

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UX and DX Design
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Website Design and Build


In-Depth Discovery & Product Planning

High Monkey met with Medtronic to ensure that we had an accruate understanding of all desired requirements for the project in ordeer to develop a project plan that was manageable within the project deadline

Build Plan & Implementation

We developed a plan with tasks and deliverables of the actual site build that included the provided design. Then, we implemented the entire design into the new site build

Site Search configuration

High Monkey configured search on the intranet site to crawl the site content

Site Build & Document Library Configuration

High Monkey built the site in Medtronic's SharePoint environment using the design concept, page templates, lists, and libraries. We set up views and filter/grouping options, working with the Medtronic team after the out-of-the-box functionality had been added. 

Multi-lingual Content

High Monkey and Medtronic worked together to determine a strategy for hosting multiple versions of each content page in different languages and how to display the various versions seamlessly and intuitively.

Test Site Functionality & Fix Errors

High Monkey tested the functionality of the new site, fixing any errors that occured to ensure that the site would be fully functional upon launch.

Knowledge Transfer & Documentation

High Monkey's goal is always to leave clients with the necessary knowledge to effectively manage the site and make changes to it as they move forward. To do this, we provided the Medtronic team with training sessions throughout the project around design, build solutions, and best practices. We also provided the Medtronic team with detailed documentation of the project and overall site build. 

Project Management

High Monkey provided project management support to Medtronic, which included project timeline and deliverable tracking, weekly updates, and e-mail, phone, in-person, or web based meetings. From project kick-off to meetings, status reports and updates, High Monkey's project communications and issue resolution was unwavering from project start to site launch.