Medtronic Women in Science and Engineering


High Monkey has been providing website and portal development services to Medtronic since 2009. We are well into the double digits for the number of projects we have completed in partnership with different Medtronic business units and deparments using Microsoft's SharePoint platform (aka 'Sitebuilder'). 


Project type: Intranet Platform: SharePoint

Medtronic Women in Science and Engineering


Create design template for use on four sub-sitesCreate design from scratchMeet brand standards

Medtronic identified a need to create an internal promotional site for their Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) initiative. The primary project goals included:

  • Create design from scratch from collaborative efforts by High Monkey and the WISE staff

  • Create a design that meets all of Medtronic's existing brand standards

  • Provide a seperate design template for use accross the site's four sub-sites, which include: Retention, Outreach, Acquisition, and Developmenb


Services Required

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UX and DX Design
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Website Design and Build


High Monkey provided an intranet design and build approach for Medtronic that included the following steps:

In-Depth Discovery & Project Planning

High Monkey met with Medtronic to ensure that we had an accurate understanding of all desired requirements for this project to develop a project plan that was manageable within the project deadline. These meetings provided a basis for a project plan and the developent of tasks and a timeline. 

Design Creation & Implementation

High Monkey created a design for the WISE landing page as well as the template for the four subsites of WISE that met Medtronic branding standards as well as the requirements set fourth by the WISE team. The design was implemented into the site, including CSS and HTML.

Site Build

The next step was for High Monkey to build out unique page layouts, sub-layouts, and the templates for WISE landing pages and the four sub-sites. Each sub-site was built with a consistent look and feel. The new site structure was created and prepared for design implementation. 

Test Site Functionality & Fix Errors

High Monkey then tested the functionality of the new site and design, ensuring a fully functional Medtronic WISE site.

Knowledge Transfer & Documentation

High Monkey's goal is to always leave clients with the necessary knowledge to effectively manage the site and make changes to it as they move forward. To do this, we provided the Medtronic team with training sessions throughout the project around design, build solutions, and best practices. We also provided the Medtronic team with detailed documentation of the project and the overall site build.