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We worked with VHB, one of the largest engineering companies along the East Coast to completely redesign their public website and move it into SharePoint 2013. VHB needed a new website that better represented who they are as a company while improving usability, user experience and ease of managing the site. To achieve these goals High Monkey worked closely with VHB to gather extensive information from users and stakeholders, devised a new information architecture, created several design concepts and then built the new site using SharePoint 2013 as the Content Management System.

Project type: Public Website Platform: SharePoint


Improved user experienceeasy to use, update, and manageresponsive design

  • Create a website architecture and templated environment that can be easily managed by the VHB web team after the site launched.
  • Update the design of the VHB website through the use of large visually engaging images while still keeping the website fast loading for visitors with lower bandwidth or slower browser performance.
  • Deliver a user-friendly website using SharePoint 2013 that includes responsive design for visitors using mobile devices.


Creating a new information architecture and presenting information - an extensive list of projects, services, markets and sub-markets - to users in a way that is meaningful, yet simple and intuitive.

Using large images throughout the site without hindering performance.

Building a mobile responsive design that adapts large images to a small screen without losing its visual impact.

Adapting javascript to SharePoint and modifying the functionality for mobile devices.

Providing flexible functionality and simplifying site administration and content management.

Services Required

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Website Design and Build


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Our process for this project included 3 main steps: Discovery, Wireframe and Design Concepts, and Build and Implementation.

The Discovery phase included several in depth interviews and workshops with various users, employees, and stakeholders. This information was used to define requirements, create a user focused Information Architecture, and lay the foundation for VHB’s new site.

Design concepts for the new site began as wireframes and after several iterations evolved into a comprehensive design to meet the needs of VHB and its users. Then High Monkey’s development team built the site in SharePoint 2013 using mostly out-of-the-box features and implemented the user interface design.

The final result was a completely redesigned with a user interface that is compatible with all major mobile devices and browsers, and a back-end setup that makes the site efficient and flexible for VHB to manage.

During the build and implementation phase of the project we provided VHB with the knowledge and documentation needed to manage their site without constantly relying on us; helping VHB save time, reduce frustration and increase efficiency in managing their website.

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