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Stupid Usability #44

Is this carrying case really for this product?

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 4/17/2014

From the mind of Erik Bredesen, Sales Advisor at High Monkey:

The Picture above is a carrying case for a 7 person tent.

So I am sure most readers can resonate with this stupid usability as it has bothered me all my life, and finally I have been provided a portal on which to vent in the hope for change. Most of us from Minnesota have gone camping at least once in our lives, or to an outdoor music festival, or over to a friend’s house for a sleepover. If you have participated in any of these, you have most likely fallen victim to this stupid usability.

The one thing these scenarios have in common is that you need to bring with you one of the following or, quite possibly, all of the above: Sleeping bag, air mattress, and some sort of outdoor tent. What do these items have in common you ask? Carrying bags…carrying bags that were made for much smaller versions of the actual item that you have to miraculously contour into this FUN-size bag.

No one likes packing things up, especially if you are coming home from a beautiful summertime North Woods experience, do we really have to add frustration, anger, and lots of swearing into the mix! I have wasted hours of my life trying, unsuccessfully I might add, to stuff these things into their unrealistic carrying cases. The chances of any average person having enough patience to actually succeed in this task is so small that I am convinced it has to be an ongoing joke laid out by the designers at these companies, or possibly that they make a bigger profit margin on rubber bands, because that is what I am buying after 30 minutes of failing miserably.

How about this for a resolution? MAKE A BIGGER BAG. This genius idea came to me when I was 6 and had my first, physically and mentally draining, wrestling match with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sleeping bag. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t get it back to its original vacuum seal state that is required for any hope of getting it back into the “custom made” bag. Yes, I get that you want to conserve space, but is the extra 3 inches in desired bag diameter really going to put you into a space crunch? If so, get a bigger SUV, or don’t bring so many drums of cheese balls on your camping trip.

P.S. – Okay, so the picture above is probably not actually a carrying case for a 7 person tent, but you get the point!

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