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Stupid Usability #45

1800 Tequila - Shot Glass Top

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 4/21/2014

From the mind of Brian Haukos, Marketing Support at High Monkey:

So yes this post is about consuming alcohol, so if you are under the age of 21, please turn back now J.

Everyone loves a good ole margarita from time to time, or maybe a tequila sunrise?  When I was at one of the local liquor stores the other day I was looking to pick up a bottle of tequila for that sole purpose!  As I walked down the aisle I looked at all of the extravagant bottles, from bottles in the shapes of skulls and some even in the shape of the classic WWII M1 Thompson (Tommy gun).
After spending some time looking at all of the options I saw the 1800 Tequila bottle which included a shot glass top to the bottle.

I thought hey this may come in handy when measuring out drinks.  I figured what the heck so I purchased the bottle and headed home.

When I returned home I was moderately excited to give this shot glass top a try.  I looked around the bottle to see if there were any special instructions on how to do this successfully.  After not being able to find any type of instructions I turned the bottle upside down and waited for the mini shot glass to fill up.  (For those of you who are unfamiliar with this bottle the shot glass is topped with a cork with a small whole allowing for the tequila to pass from the bottle into the shot glass top.)

 After the shot glass was full I began to turn the bottle back to its upright position and the tequila began pouring back into the bottle. I though well how exactly am I to remove this shot glass from the bottle without the Tequila pouring back into the bottle. I tried as the bottle was sideways to pull the shot glass from the bottle, I’m sure you can guess what happened, some spillage leaked from both the bottle and the shot glass.

After doing some research on the web, I found a few videos on how to do this successfully.  Only problem in every video the bottle was nearly half gone.

After experimenting with this bottle, I have to say if you are going out and purchasing a bottle of tequila I would pass over this bottle.  Although there is nothing wrong with the tequila itself I just don’t see the need to pay the extra charge for a shot glass top that only works half of the time at best.

My suggestion to 1800, Find a way to make this shot glass contraption work without having to drink half the bottle, or without spilling at least a few drops of it.

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