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Stupid Usability #46

"Windows 8 will (force) restart now..." Wait, what?

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 4/24/2014

From the mind of Jared Vander Hook, Consultant at High Monkey:

I could call a lot of things stupid usability in Windows 8, but there’s one thing that really stands out to me: FORCED RESTART.

I understand that my computer needs to finish installing necessary updates, but forcing a user down a path without providing an option to postpone or delay is a violation of a core usability heuristic.

So when my computer decides to force restart in the middle of a conference call with a client (twice now), it’s quite frustrating to say the least. The first time happened to be when I had a room full of executives on the line. Luckily they all had a sense of humor and we had a good laugh about the ridiculousness of it, after my computer finished updating and restarting. The second time happened to be in the middle of a remote usability test that was being recorded. Luckily we were able to pause and reconvene after the computer restarted.

I’d love to ask Microsoft what they were thinking!?

(Before Windows 8, you had the option to postpone restarts)
Stupid Usability #46 - "Windows 8 will (force) restart now..." Wait, what? Postpone update

Please, give me back the ability to postpone restarting my computer for updates.

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