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Workshop - Discovering your Digital Audience Strategy - May 20, 2014

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 4/1/2014

So often we begin, manage and end our digital strategies by the services we provide and the content we write to support those. Why does this not work? In this full-day workshop, Virgil Carroll, a 16+ year web / user experience veteran, will walk attendees through an in-depth evaluation of the flaws in these practices and help develop comprehensive strategies to better understand and target audiences in a digital world.

In this workshop, attendees will learn:

  • How to stop thinking of your digital audience as users but instead as real people (and all the opportunities and idiosyncrasies that come along with humans)
  • To understand audience motivations and translate that into actionable traffic and meaningful engagements (content should be people centered not politically correct)
  • How to facilitate a digital discovery workshop by an interactive walk through to gain a better understanding of your audiences and how to engage them (learn to talk less, listen more and interpret reality)
  • How to map out digital visit outcomes and develop strategies to promote those paths through content strategy (i.e. be realistic and successful, or write blather and experience more non-successfulness)
  • Strategies to leverage social media channels to drive traffic to digital resources and manage expectations around what that really means to success (publishing what you had for lunch does not equal selling more books)
  • 10 tools every digital strategist should have in their arsenal to increase their potential for success (i.e. be able to do all the bullet points above)

After successful completion, you will be able to go out and start:

  • Feeling smarter and more successful than your cube-mate, competitor and Facebook network (start having fun again at work)
  • Building your own audience-focused digital strategy (and quit wasting your time on senseless exercises - i.e. lets send out a press release to drive traffic and sales to our site)
  • Implement the tools and methods that will be most valuable to your unique engagement situation (and finally quit suffering from tool envy)
Attend this workshop if you want some insightful perspectives and unprecedented knowledge all wrapped up in a significant amount of sarcasm and 'hold no punches' real talk about why we fail and how we can really succeed.

About the Presenter

Virgil Carroll is a well-known speaker who continues to deliver the message of ‘users first’ to web technology professionals around the world. Virgil is the Principal Human Solutions Architect at High Monkey, a web design company serving organizations of all shapes and sizes, with a specialty in simplifying complex information systems.


May 20 (High Monkey HQ - Roseville, MN) -
9:00AM - 4:30PM (CDT) - REGISTER NOW

$199 fee details

When you register for this full-day event you will be required to pay the $199 event fee via credit card. If you cancel your registration 7 business days in advance of the event, your payment will be refunded minus a $50 administrative handling fee. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations less than 7 business days prior to the event date or for "no shows" at the event. A cancellation notice email must be sent to

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More About Virgil

Virgil Carroll is the owner and president of High Monkey – based in Minneapolis Minnesota. Virgil also wears the multiple ‘hats’ of Principle Human Solutions Architect and SharePoint Architect.

Virgil is one of those rare individuals who can dive deep into technical topics while speaking clearly to the business owners of a project and never forgetting that the end user experience has the highest priority. He calls it using both sides of his brain. Virgil is passionate about leveraging technologies ‘out of the box’ as much as possible with a focus on the strategic use of content to create websites that deliver the right content to the right audience on the right device at the right time. Virgil brings high energy, an ironic wit, and a sense of grounded perspective whenever he speaks to an audience. Virgil regularly speaks at conferences and user groups throughout the United States and occasionally in Europe.

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