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Some Upcoming Talks and Events...

Written By: Virgil Carroll
Posted: 8/5/2010

The months of August and September are going to be pretty busy for me as I travel to Colorado, Kentucky, Washington DC, Maryland, and California to speak at various SharePoint events, all within about 6 weeks. I thought I would post some details on here in case you're in the area or want to hear me speak bad enough to buy a plane ticket out to Washington DC (or one of the other destinations)

August 7th : SharePoint Saturday - Denver, CO - My topics include 'Metadata Magic' and 'Governing your Users'

August 19th : Kentucky SharePoint User Group - speaking on SharePoint Business Intelligence

August 24th – 27th : SharePoint Best Practices Conference in Washington, D.C.

Even if you don't want to hear me speak, the SharePoint Best Practices Conference (BPC) is more than enough reason to visit DC itself at the end of the month, so perhaps that adds enough value to justify a trip out there! BPC is a conference for the rest of us. It is the only conference out there that focuses on the 'Why' instead of the 'How'. Too often we find that people understand the mechanics of SharePoint, yet struggle to comprehend why we build collaborative system and how we can implement them with the best chances of success. Is that you? Well then BPC is the place to be. This will be my 4th BPC in the US (1 in Europe as well) and they put on a great show.

At the Best Practices Conference I will be speaking on two different topics, "New Considerations in SharePoint Security" and "Making Your Metadata Work for You with SharePoint 2010" as well as sitting on the information architects Q&A panel. The new Managed Metadata Services is an especially popular topic these days. People are looking to find out how to best use it in their organizations. My talk will focus on how to get started with the MMS – not the tool mind you, but instead how you go about figuring out what your metadata is, how to manage it across the enterprise and the pitfalls to look out for along the way. I included the "official" abstracts from my talks below. You can also find these at the BPC website.

I am also excited to say that High Monkey Consulting will also have a booth set up at the conference this year. If you are going to be there, make sure you stop by (we just might have some treats and prizes to give away along with a chance to speak with some of our monkeys!). We'll also be offering free usability reviews of your current SharePoint deployments. Space is limited to a number of lucky attendees. To secure a review, it would be best to schedule one ahead of time by contacting Rob at, otherwise we will offer a limited number of reviews at the conference on a first come first serve basis. I suggest scheduling this ahead of time if you can.

Week3: Collaboration Technology Interest GroupIf you can't make it to the Best Practices Conference, no worries! (an online user group that is co-sponsored by High Monkey) has you covered. I will be hosting the August Week3 live webinar direct from the conference. Join me as I interview premier guests Ben Curry, Bill English and some other BPC contributors. We will be discussing several of the hot topics at this year's conference while sharing some of the best practices in the industry. If you're interested just go to to register online.

August 28th : SharePoint Saturday - Baltimore, MD

September 11th : SharePoint Saturday - East Bay, CA

A group of us are doing a caravan from East Bay to LA, doing some roadshows along the way…maybe we'll stop in your neck of the woods!

September 18th : SharePoint Saturday - Los Angeles, CA

Whew!!! I think that's enough for now. Hope to see you at one of these destinations!

You can find info on my talks anytime at

My Best Practices Conference Abstracts

New Considerations in SharePoint Security

Presenter: Virgil Carroll
Duration: 60 - 75 minutes
Audience: IT Pro
Session Level: 200

Abstract: Security in SharePoint is often the 'elephant-in-the-room' topic. It's one that everyone has to deal with, but nobody really likes. From a business user perspective, implementing a solid security plan is often confusing , which is why you often see security planning passed off to IT, whose decisions are later criticized by management. In this session we will look at SharePoint security planning and management from a business user perspective. We will explore what protecting our data really means, identify many of the pitfalls we can fall into when planning security and gain a better understanding of the ups and downs of the security decisions we make. Where a comprehensive security structure in 2007 was critical, we will also explore many of the new security implications 2010 brings that will need to be considered as part of your migration process.

Making your Metadata work for you with SharePoint 2010

Presenter: Virgil Carroll
Duration: 60 - 75 minutes
Audience: IT Pro
Session Level: 100

Abstract: Managed metadata services is one of the most exciting new features in SharePoint 2010. Finally organizations are able to implement and manage a consistent metadata structure to support better categorization and taxonomy support. This session will explore the new features of the MMS and identify best practices around its utilization. This session will also explore strategies to plan out its implementation and solid 'how to' in regards to taxonomy development, management and free-form keyword tagging.

Chad's Bio Coming Soon!

More About Virgil

Virgil Carroll is the owner and president of High Monkey – based in Minneapolis Minnesota. Virgil also wears the multiple ‘hats’ of Principle Human Solutions Architect and SharePoint Architect.

Virgil is one of those rare individuals who can dive deep into technical topics while speaking clearly to the business owners of a project and never forgetting that the end user experience has the highest priority. He calls it using both sides of his brain. Virgil is passionate about leveraging technologies ‘out of the box’ as much as possible with a focus on the strategic use of content to create websites that deliver the right content to the right audience on the right device at the right time. Virgil brings high energy, an ironic wit, and a sense of grounded perspective whenever he speaks to an audience. Virgil regularly speaks at conferences and user groups throughout the United States and occasionally in Europe.

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