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SP Saturday New York and Columbus

Written By: Virgil Carroll
Posted: 8/15/2011

This post is a bit late but I know this type of information is never late. I spoke at SharePoint Saturday New York. An excellent event and venue. Many kudos have already been given out to Becky, Jason and the rest of the team. I echo all the sentiments.

I submitted a few sessions and the one that was chosen was Limitless: The Content Query Web Part (CQWP). I loved the movie and thought of the comparison. Then branded it via the movie.

I geared the content towards the Information Worker. I cut my teeth with this web part doing this Ford web site. We had done just about everything you can do with the web part other than write code. I was a bit leery of doing this session thinking no one would show as the CQWP has been around forever, who needs to learn anything more? Right.

Wrong. The session was well attended and the right group of folks showed up. Many were newbies with the CQWP. I took the following tact:

As you can see from an information worker standpoint, I went from simple to complex. As a matter of fact one of my examples is on how to effectively utilize the CQWP with multiple files showing up across multiple sites. I realize while doing this session that a blog is necessary to detail this out as my session was not PowerPoint heavy. It was demo heavy. See the PowerPoint here. My next blog post with be on the multiple file CQWP.

This coming weekend, 8/20, I will be going to Columbus, OH for the SharePoint Saturday there. My session is called "Five Changes a Business User can make today to be more productive right now." Phew – that is a long title. As part of this session I will be looking at Document Sets, the CQWP, a simple SharePoint Designer workflow, and InfoPath and Lists. Again, this is an Information Worker styled session, weak on PowerPoint, but strong on why you would use these elements of SharePoint 2010.

No movie theme here – but not to worry, we will still have some fun. I look forward to seeing you there!

Chad's Bio Coming Soon!

More About Virgil

Virgil Carroll is the owner and president of High Monkey – based in Minneapolis Minnesota. Virgil also wears the multiple ‘hats’ of Principle Human Solutions Architect and SharePoint Architect.

Virgil is one of those rare individuals who can dive deep into technical topics while speaking clearly to the business owners of a project and never forgetting that the end user experience has the highest priority. He calls it using both sides of his brain. Virgil is passionate about leveraging technologies ‘out of the box’ as much as possible with a focus on the strategic use of content to create websites that deliver the right content to the right audience on the right device at the right time. Virgil brings high energy, an ironic wit, and a sense of grounded perspective whenever he speaks to an audience. Virgil regularly speaks at conferences and user groups throughout the United States and occasionally in Europe.

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