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Kentico releases Version 8.1

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 8/25/2014

Today Kentico officially released version 8.1 of its popular web content management system.  Where version 8 was a huge leap forward to the CMS toolset, with drastic improvements in the areas of user experience and work process, version 8.1 brings some additional features that should make it even a more attractive offer to web savvy organization.

Some of the new features include:

Live Tiles – much like Windows 8 (accept not as sucky an interface J) Kentico 8.1 now offers configurable live tile updates on its administrative dashboards.  Configure these tiles to give you up-to-the minute information around web analytics, marketing initiatives and ecommerce transactions.  For those organization that heavily invest in Kentico Online Marketing strategy, this additional will help provide content administrators with a snapshot view of all that is happening on their sites.

Improved SharePoint integration – this is a big one for many enterprises, as with even the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report organizations are still emphasizing the need to use robust CMS toolsets that can integrate both information and work processes with Microsoft SharePoint.  Fully configurable in a ‘point and share’ manner, this level of integration will help organizations that want to bring Kentico into its overall content management strategy and play to the strengths of each toolset.  This is especially great news for High Monkey as we are often asked about bringing the best of breed from both worlds together into an integrated solution and now Kentico has made that process much easier to accomplish.

eCommerce improvements – Version 8 definitely emphasized the new trends around organizations again wanting to take control of their ecommerce initiatives (vs. using hosted shopping carts such as Google Cart or PayPal).  Kentico 8 was already a huge leap forward in this area, but now with 8.1 they have released some much requested additional functionality including its new ‘Buy X Get Y discount’.  This discount rule allows business owners to quickly create multiple product special scenarios whether it’s buy an item and get a 2nd free or buy multiple items and get the cheapest at a discount.  This will be a welcome addition to the ecommerce toolset.  As a matter of fact, not too long ago High Monkey built this functionality for a client proof of concept project.  Now it’s nice to know this comes out of the box in 8.1

Where those are the top additions version 8.1 also brings bug fixes and other enhancements which will help any organization, including full social integration with LinkedIn (to join its integration with Facebook and Twitter) as well as significant overall performance enhancements.

With all these constant improvements, Kentico is continuing to place itself in the top tier of Web Content Management systems around.

To view some of the other changes to Kentico 8.1 follow the link HERE

Thinking about exploring Kentico 8.1?  Or maybe need to understand the upgrade path from a previous version?  Feel free to reach out to High Monkey for additional assistance and advice.

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