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Stupid Usability #9

Keep your credit in check

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 12/9/2013

From the mind of Jennifer Foster, Graphic Designer at High Monkey:

I have noticed one small but very irritating thing about the process of paying with a credit card / debit card in a store (Walmart is where I find this the most). When you swipe your card it automatically goes to debit, not credit. I don’t use debit for the most part and like to use the credit option. So how do you change your payment option? Press the green button for credit of course. Right? Oh no, not always. Sometimes the red button is the one you want… or maybe you have to look up at the screen and touch the orange change payment button. What? Yep, depending on the store you might choose red, green or whatever other color it may be to pay with credit. They are all different. Why, oh why do they not see that this is just madness? I always feel a little embarrassed every time I have to ask “what button do I have to press for credit?”

So I say to all the stores and the makers of the card swiper machines “STOP THE MADNESS.” Why not simply create a button that says Credit and another one that says Debit. Labeling the buttons consistently would be a great help. That’s it ... it is that simple. Ok I feel better now getting that off my chest.

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