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Kentico 8.2 released January 6th, 2015

Written By: Virgil Carroll
Posted: 12/11/2014

Keeping with the aggressive improvement schedule that Kentico has established with its release of version 8, a new version of this popular content management system released on January 6th, 2015.  Version 8.2 is another incremental update that brings some significant additional capabilities to the CMS that will continue to help its partners and customers implement the solutions they need.

I just got done listening to the 8.2 partner webinar (I was out of town during the live one) and wanted to share with you some of the new features that I could see being significant going forward in your current implementation.

From a web content management perspective, one of the most significant additions is the new demo site that will be included in 8.2.  Kentico built this demo site to show best practices around building responsive design websites leveraging the built-in capabilities of Kentico.  I think this is significant because in the past there has not been a lot of access to best practices around UI and responsive development.  We have tried a number of frameworks over the past few years and each brings its fair share of opportunities and challenges.  The advantage of Kentico offering this demo site is we can peer into the minds of their engineers and understand the best way to do responsive development inside Kentico (use the most features, cause the least collisions of design principals).  This should be a great addition, especially for those that are just getting started or are looking to do a best practice refresh.

Kentico is also continuing to expand its integration with Microsoft SharePoint (and with me being a SharePoint guy J).  In version 8.1, Kentico introduced a new synchronization engine that allowed administrators to sync content from SharePoint libraries into Kentico on a scheduled basis.  In version 8.2, Kentico takes this to a new level and enabled bi-directional sync.  So now users from both Kentico and the SharePoint side can edit documents, images, videos, etc. and the changes will be synced back in the other direction.  This could really help in improving the workflow around asset management both internally and externally.  As Microsoft continues to move SharePoint away from being a web content management platform (yes they are), Kentico and other CMSs will continue to become more of a front end solution to provide users more user-centered access to SharePoint content.  While SharePoint can continue be utilized for its best-in-class enterprise content management practices.  I personally look forward to expanding on my knowledge in this area soon.

The last area I am going to comment on is the continued improvement and enhancement in version 8.2 in the Kentico development model.  This version brings new capabilities including improvements in module deployment (using the NuGet feeds through Visual Studio), the ability to direct publish out of Visual Studio for both web site and web application projects, and better pre-compilation enhancements.  These improvements continue to positively affect the developer workflow and add efficiencies to the project life cycle.

There are too many other enhancements to note including improvements in ecommerce shipping module, online marketing and others.  With 8.2 Kentico continues its aggressive push to be the CMS of choice for organizations of all shapes and sizes.
For more information, I am including some links to the latest articles around these new capabilities:

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