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Stupid Usability #25

Turn Back There

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 2/10/2014

From the mind of Chad Heinle, Senior Consultant at High Monkey:

I am terrible with directions, with remembering directions, with directional sense, all of it. One of the greatest Christmas gifts I have ever received is a GPS navigation unit for my car. There are times that I wonder who’s worse with directions. Of course there’s times when it will send me towards the middle of a corn field and tell me I have arrived at my destination, I think we’ve all been there. One of the other quirks I’ve noticed however, is when it tells me to turn on a street that is named something different. Usually this happens with county roads or state highways – there will only be signage for “Summit Avenue” but since it’s a county road, your GPS wants you to turn onto “County Road 7”.

Generally it’s not a big issue since streets are far enough apart to be able to discern by distance, but every so often there’s a convergence of multiple streets and it’s hard to say where to go and when. I don’t know if the resolution here is simple enough to say that Garmin should call up a county and ask how its signs are displayed – that certainly could be a lot of work. It may just continue to be a pain point to my directionally challenged brain.

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More About Virgil

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