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Stupid Usability #16

That Way to the Skyway

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 1/6/2014

From the mind of Chad Heinle, Senior Consultant at High Monkey:

For those of you in warm climates that aren’t familiar with skyways, they are a fantastic way to keep out of the cold while traveling between buildings. Where skyways can be useful in the cold, as with many stupid usability isssues we see, the problem is when trying to get to said skyway, there are no standards (both icons and wording) to provide a description of where it is located. On top of that, even if a easily understood word is used, there is no consistency on where it is placed to direct people to the right place (or floor).

Recently while visiting a new location, we wanted to use the skyway. Most sky way access is from the second floor of a building, so when presented with the option below (the word “Skyway” equal distance from floors one and three), we picked the third floor. The thinking around that was skyways are up above ground and a higher floor made more sense. In the end, of course we made the wrong choice. Where statistically this was a 50/50 chance of getting it right, when people are faced with an unclear decision, we will tend to bring other variables into our process than just whats presented. In this particular situation, it was unclear whether the word 'skyway' was connected to the 1st or 3rd floor, so we used our experience to make an educated guess. The simple solution, instead of making us have to think more than we should have, is clearer marking on the elevator panel and the creators thinking so I don't have to.


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More About Virgil

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