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Stupid Usability #19

Save Yourself . . . But how?

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 1/20/2014

From the mind of Joel Baglien, VP of Business Growth at High Monkey:

In all of the years you and I have been working with Microsoft products there has been a diskette icon somewhere in the top left toolbar for you to save changes to your work. All jokes aside about how out of date and silly it is to continue to use a diskette icon, at least we recognize it as a "save" function and can find it. To illustrate the obvious in Microsoft Word you can click on the diskette next to the "W" or "File - Save". That's what we've been trained to do for years.

Along comes Microsoft CRM in the Cloud. Take a look at this screen capture and see if you can spot the diskette or anything that looks like a "Save" command or a menu with a save command.

Hint, this is what you are looking for . . .

You can try any of the commands across the top horizontal menu and the infamous "ribbon" drops down. I thought maybe the gear on the top right would have a "Save" command but no luck. Likewise I thought the three dots ". . ." in the second level top actions menu would let me save my changes but I was wrong. Take a look below:

So I stared at the screen for awhile and finally found the diskette located in the most obscure, non-obvious, contrary to good usability place on the page, the bottom right corner.

Someone at Microsoft must have thought this was a good idea. I'd like to meet them someday and offer to do a "trust fall" where I get to save them from hitting the ground. It's possible that I might have a hard time finding my personal save function.

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