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Stupid Usability #20

Are you Full?

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 1/23/2014

From the mind of Jeanine Christensen, Sales Advisor at High Monkey:

When driving to the office or when traveling to any destination you always have to think about one thing, PARKING! When making a parking decision, there are some things you need to consider. Where exactly am I going to park? Am I in the correct lane to get to the parking lot entrance? Most importantly are there going to be openings in that ramp or lot? These are quite a few questions to think about while driving, and trying to find the appropriate address for that prime location which sometimes can just be a tad frustrating. This task can even be more frustrating if you miss your destination and may have to go around the block (or multiple blocks if you are downtown and there are one way streets). If you saw this sign, would you know if the lot was FULL or NOT FULL?

When you need to make a quick decision, it would be nice if the language was clearer. An easy way to fix this particular issue would be to simply change the ramp sign to OPEN or FULL, or something that is simply clearer than FULL or NOT FULL.


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