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Stupid Usability #84

Usability locked down

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 1/5/2015

From the mind of Chad Heinle, Senior Consultant at High Monkey:

Let me start off by saying that I really do like Sitecore. Both as a platform for content editing and as a platform for developing. It puts out what you put in and only has a couple requirements (like the form tag for page editor). It's a very powerful, yet very clean system.

That said, one of the tasks I dread is setting up user permissions. Not to say that the control isn't there - it most definitely is. In fact, the control can be so granular (down to a field level on a specific template) that it can become unruly if you're not careful. My problem lies in the number of windows security is housed in and the complete lack of flexibility in staying in one window.

Sitecore security setup is set between four different windows: Domain Manager, Role Manager, User Manager, and Security Editor. In addition, there's a very helpful tool called Access Viewer which lets you see exactly who has access to what, and what roles may be granting or preventing access.

Here's my problem: there are four (or if you're not dealing with domains, three) windows that you need to navigate separately in order to set up a new user in a new role. First, you use the User Manager to create a user, second the Role Manager to create a role and add users and lastly the Security Editor to select the role and set its permissions throughout the site. This makes for a lot of open windows and can make it confusing to set up a lot of new roles and users at the same time.

I will say I have not seen what's coming in version 8, but it looks to be like a lot of UI improvements to the system so I am hoping that will include security. It would be great to have one security window (Security Editor) and be able to add users and roles in-line. "Web 2.0" may be cliché at this time, and maybe Web 3.0 is in order - but having the experience that is becoming more and more common to have the Security Editor open, open a popup to add a user, create a new role and have that role selected in the Security Editor upon completion removes the confusion and streamlines the process of performing less the slightly less than fun administrative tasks of a website build.

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