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Stupid Usability #85 

Tiny Table - Big Pizza

Written By: Joel Baglien
Posted: 1/12/2015

From the mind of Joel Baglien, VP of Business Growth at High Monkey:

After a long business meeting, a colleague and I visited a very nice restaurant in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.  We decided to sit at a round high-top table so we could enjoy the less formal bar atmosphere.  The table was small but we didn't think much about that when we saddled up to our stools.  The common perception about metropolitan downtown areas is that space is at a premium - office space, parking space, restaurant floor space, and now, apparently, tabletop space.
Enter Stupid Usability!  If all you are doing is having a drink and sharing an app, a small table is just fine.  But what happens when you have two people who want a dinner from the bar menu?  What happens when those two people order the same type of dinner - say, for example, pizza?  The result is obvious.

This isn't how people were meant to share a meal.  A wrong move and one or both pizzas end up on the floor.  Even worst is that there is barely enough room for the beer glasses - talk about your potential tragedy.
The solution is simple - bar pizzas can be made in a rectangle and would fit perfectly on a small round table or they would fit with a minimal amount of table edge "overhang".  Even if only one person orders a pizza, the rectangle would still leave enough space for a regular dinner plate.  Usability is about providing a positive experience based on how people actually behave  - not based on what you think they will do.  We actually ordered two pizzas - stupid usability was the result.


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