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Stupid Usability #59

Locked Out

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 7/7/2014

From the mind of Jared Vander Hook, Consultant at High Monkey:

This past weekend I found myself locked out of my car while on a camping trip. It was not a result of user error, i.e. carelessly locking my keys inside of the car or misplacing the key. It was a result of the lock malfunctioning. That in itself isn’t necessarily stupid usability, but it is stupid usability that when my 2007 Honda Civic is locked it only has a single access point, i.e. the driver’s door. So when that lock stopped working, the entire car became inaccessible. A single mechanical feature failed on my car, an amazingly complex mechanical system, and the entire car had not only become useless, it became a prison for my camping gear.

Luckily we had roadside assistance. They were able to locate someone specializing in breaking into cars (i.e. a tow truck company) and about an hour later my car had been successfully broken into and my camping gear freed!

You might be thinking, this situation is extremely improbable and not really stupid usability. While I agree that it’s improbable, good usability is about anticipating situations and providing users with an out. Inevitably there will be single points of failure on an automobile, such as the engine, but something insignificant like a door lock should not be one of them. Simply including a lock on the passenger door would avoid a single point of failure and make situations like this 100% less likely to happen.


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