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Stupid Usability #61

It’s NOT what it says

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 7/21/2014

From the mind of Peter Serzo, VP of Consulting Services at High Monkey:

As you can see from High Monkey’s myriad of posts usability comes in a lot of flavors. Today’s flavor: Cranberry. My wife and I love our flavored drinks and Ocean Spray is a respected brand. My wife recently sent me out to get Cranberry Juices. I came home with the following container – What do you read?

It reads 100% Juice Cranberry. BUT my mind read it when I bought it – 100% Cranberry Juice. I bought it home and my wife pointed this out when I tried to make my case as to the validity of 100% Cranberry Juice.
In addition she pointed out that it contains a blend of 4 other juices! It is quite clear to me now as I look at the front of the container that it says that  (but it is in smaller print).  
Two items on the container really bother me and this thing was absolutely designed with me in mind:

    The picture shows ONLY cranberries. If there are 4 other juices – where are they????? Was Apple looking really bad that day?
    The smaller print only says 4 other juices – it does not specify – for that we must look at the ingredients. See below image:

Ahhhh, Grape, Apple, Pear, and of course Cranberry! I guess the other three juices were having a bad hair day.
The moral of the story of this usability post is READ CAREFULLY! The further moral is bring the right stuff home or you will be sent back out!

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