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Stupid Usability #109

Listening to Voicemail's

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 7/20/2015

From the mind of Erik Bredesen, Sales Advisor at High Monkey:

Robotic voicemail voice: New message…recieved on…Friday…4…48…PM….Central Time…from….9…5…2…3….8….5…7……”O my God! Just play the message already! I have 6 more to get through!” Yes, this is my stupid usability, and I will blame it on Verizon, however it could have something to do with Droid as well I am not sure, either way, it’s awful. This information could not be a bigger waste of time and the biggest annoyance when you are trying to get through one voicemail message, much less multiple. It may only be about 20 seconds of the slowest robot voice EVER, but it feels like an eternity when all you want to do is hear the voicemail. Here’s the thing, I don’t know if the particular message is going to be important, so I am not going to write down the phone number for every single message before I hear it, but if it is important, I am definitely going to have to go back and listen to the stupid robotic voice again to get the information.

I have 2 solutions for this. One I know exists, but you have to pay extra for it…of course. That is the visual voicemail. This is where voicemails come through like emails and you can click on them to listen, that way you can listen to them immediately and you can see all the information right there on the screen. This should be the status quo and not offered at an extra monthly charge, which it is currently. The other simple solution is to just simply play the voicemail THEN offer an option to get the details of time, date, phone number etc. This terrible usability is one of the main reasons voicemail is being used less and less by the younger generations. No one has time to listen to a robot spew out a number every 3 seconds till your battery dies.


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