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Usability Testing for the Greatest User Experience

Written By: Jared Vander Hook
Posted: 6/18/2013

Usability Testing for the Greatest User Experience - Click to view video!

Thanks again to all who attended my Usability Testing webinar!

Be wary of a web designer that offers all of the answers before ever talking to your users. Every organization and its users are unique in some way, and with usability testing you can gather the insights you need to take out the guess work and start designing human focused websites.  
Great User Experience is what happens when the project team understands its users, and just throwing some Usability Testing in at the end of your web design project isn’t going to do the trick. This method is much too common and will almost always leave you with a laundry list of improvements that you want (and need) to make, but not enough time or resources to do it. Usability testing should be a core element of the project, and included at several iterations during the design process to not only reveal usability issues that need to be resolved, but drive design decisions.
Learning Outcomes

  • What Web Usability Testing is
  • What it means to your project and UI design
  • The core components for usability testing, and
  • What Web Usability Testing is not
  • Why usability testing is important (with real world examples)
  • How to get the most out of your test results by using both formative and summative assessments
  • How to better integrate usability testing into your process
  • The focus and benefit of each iteration of usability testing
  • How a CMS like Kentico helps you design, build, and maintain a usable website
  • Other helpful tips and best practices

About High Monkey Consulting
High Monkey Consulting is a Certified Kentico Partner and has long history building CMS powered websites.  With offices in Minnesota and Michigan, High Monkey has clients throughout the United States and Canada.  We have the crazy idea that websites should put the end user first and be easy to use.  We believe that the best technology and tools in the world can’t provide a good user experience without thoughtful planning and a solid user experience methodology.
About Jared Vander Hook
A Web Usability Specialist and Business Analyst at High Monkey Consulting; helping enterprises create User Interfaces that are easy and enjoyable to use. With a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota and several years of practical business and web consulting experience, Jared offers both a thoughtful and critical eye to his work, with a passion for finding creative web solutions that are intuitive and easy to use.

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More About Virgil

Virgil Carroll is the owner and president of High Monkey – based in Minneapolis Minnesota. Virgil also wears the multiple ‘hats’ of Principle Human Solutions Architect and SharePoint Architect.

Virgil is one of those rare individuals who can dive deep into technical topics while speaking clearly to the business owners of a project and never forgetting that the end user experience has the highest priority. He calls it using both sides of his brain. Virgil is passionate about leveraging technologies ‘out of the box’ as much as possible with a focus on the strategic use of content to create websites that deliver the right content to the right audience on the right device at the right time. Virgil brings high energy, an ironic wit, and a sense of grounded perspective whenever he speaks to an audience. Virgil regularly speaks at conferences and user groups throughout the United States and occasionally in Europe.

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