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Stupid Usability #102

Changing Phones, Changing Ways

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 6/1/2015

From the mind of Chad Heinle, Senior Consultant:

Welcome to Stupid Usability “I left Android for Apple” edition. Yes, you heard it right – after many years I have traded in my Samsung Galaxy line phone for an iPhone. I never had a compelling reason to choose Android in the first place – just seemed like the thing to do.

I have to say I am really enjoying my new iPhone. I do have an iPad so the experience is not entirely new to me, but even in adjusting settings I’m finding the experience to be slightly more intuitive than my Android was. That said, there are a few pain points I’ve come up with from the move.

I will fully admit that it may have been a bad practice, but on my old Android I used to allow my calendar notifications to back up and use them as a to-do list. It’s not a big issue – just something I’ll need to change in how I manage my to-do lists.

No notification light

One thing I truly miss is having a notification light. It’s a small thing – a blinking light that shows that there is a new email message, Facebook notification or calendar appointment that showed up when I left the room, but it was nice to have that visual cue to show I missed something while I was away from my phone.


There is an app called Zedge that is available on Android and iPhone with one big difference. On Android, you are able to set free ringtones from the app – this was very nice in modifying ringtones for different people very easily. On iPhone, attempting to do the same thing, I get a notification that ringtones are only available through iTunes. I’ve only looked at this a little to see that there may be some workaround for this, and I know it’s a small thing, but it does speak to the customization factor that Android users often tout over the iPhone and it is one that I am missing.

As I said, the issues themselves are not that large. In fact, when noting what phone to continue with, I had remarked to several people of how the two platforms were much more similar than they were different. It's little things like these that can add up over the years on how you use a certain device that cause some headache when you need to change your ways.

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