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Stupid Usability #105

Two things I wish Adobe Illustrator would Fix

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 6/22/2015

From the mind of Terri Ebert, Graphic Designer at High Monkey:

As the graphic designer, Adobe Illustrator tends to be my main sidekick. I use it every day. All-in-all, I love it, but there are definitely some things I wish Adobe would fix. The two in particular that I will mention don’t necessarily qualify as stupid usability, but if they were fixed, my usability experience with the software would be greatly improved.

The first one revolves around saving. I’ve been working on a website redesign and the files I’m working with are very large – we’re talking 400,000 KB. But, the other day I was engrossed in my work and not worried about file size. So, when I hit “CTRL + S” to save my document, it tried for 15+ minutes to save. It eventually told me there is not enough memory to save my file. During the saving process, my computer was essentially frozen because it was using everything it had to save my file, so I was unable to do anything else.

After it went through the failed process of saving, it took me to a screen that showed my work as just outlines and I couldn’t go back to what it was originally. Everything that I had worked on for the last hour was gone. Forever.

I think Adobe should do at least one of two things. They should have automatic saving so I wouldn’t lose so much work when issues arise. Or, it should tell me when my file is getting too large. A little notification pop up would be a great reminder that I might run into issues if I keep creating in the current file.

My second usability issue came about when I was trying to embed images to my Illustrator file. Disclaimer: Yes, I know embedding images makes my files larger, but it also eliminates the need to link and relink images whenever files are moved. Anyway, I selected about 20 images in the link tool box in Illustrator. I then clicked embed. It just so happened that these images were all on a locked layer, but I didn’t notice that until a prompt came up saying that I couldn’t embed an image when it was on a locked layer.

Because I had selected 20+ images to embed, I had to click “OK” on 20+ prompts. No, clicking OK 20 times is not the end of the world. But, there’s an easy solution to this issue, something Illustrator uses in other instances. The prompt should have had an option to click a checkbox that says to do this specific action for all of the images I had selected. This would have allowed me to click OK only once and then unlock the layer that my images were on.


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