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Review SQL Satuday Detroit from a SharePoint guy (1)

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 3/17/2013

(From the mind of Peter Serzo, Previously VP of Consulting Services at High Monkey)

Today I attended SQL Saturday #204 today Detroit 2013. I will first give you my impressions on set up and what I liked about the mechanics:

  1. I printed my registration online via what they call a speedpass. When I printed this out all my raffles printed out separately. This was nice because it allowed me to enter for all of the prizes without my business card and miscellaneous peices of paper.
  2. Sessions were organized printed on a simple sheet of paper.
  3. Everything was branded SQL PASS. It is obvious this organization is quite strong. All the inserts were branded but even the tote and lanyard was branded SQL PASS. It does have the effect of making the organization a very strong brand.
  4. You opt in for lunch. It costs $10. Fantastic. It is honestly a pain in the rear to cover this - take that from one who knows. The only thing that the organizing committee has to cover is rental of the space. Unless they help the speakers, but I don't know that part.

The end effect is that you have vendors there still, but they do not overwhelm the message which is SQL.

Now, onto the two sessions:

  1. Free SQL Tools - Presentation was ok but content was fantastic. There are a few components (IMO) to becoming a SharePoint architect that you MUST know and have worked with. One of those is perfmon - especially from the SQL side. A few of the tools mentioned were:
  • Poor SQL - open source, used for formatting SQL
  • Clear Trace - imports SQL trace files and displays summary information
  • Does not work without SQL profiler
  • SSMSToolpack - plug into Visual Studio
    • Contains SQL Snippets - very cool!
    • CRUD Creator - Goes through and created CRUD objects for tables - wow
    • Auto generates insert statements - I love this
  • - contains scripts to manage maintenance via tsql scripts rather than what is build into sql. This is nice because then you can tailor these scripts to your environment.
  • PAL -
    • Creates a data collector set in perfmon
    • show perfmon counters
    • Final result is a 150 page report of your SQL environment - how cool is that
  • SQLcop

The second session was Demystifying Tabular SSAS

Very nicely done session from a knowledgable person. The first part was done on the board, the second part was done on the computer. I did get a lot out of this session.

There you have it. If you have one of these events near you, go! You are doing yourself a disservice and impeding your professional skills by not attending what is free.

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