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Stupid Usability #91

Consistency With Directions

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 3/9/2015

From the mind of Brian Haukos, Marketing & Sales at High Monkey:

This stupid usability is maybe a bit simpler than the rest but I felt the need to share it.

In today’s world everyone is trying to do their part as far as going green. Some places do this better than others but hey every little bit counts. One of the latest methods I have seen to be economically aware is my preserving water when it comes to flushing the toilet.

I was on site at a client’s when I needed to use the restroom. I walked into the bathroom and into the stall when I saw this on the back of the stall door.

I thought wow what a great way to conserve water by having a dual function flushing handle. I wanted to look into just how much water this can save and after doing so I found with the flush for liquid waste you save ½ a gallon of water per flush.

After taking a look at the sign on the door I looked at the actual flusher and was slightly confused.

Although the sign on the door was very clear after looking at the flusher I couldn’t help but be slightly confused on how this contraption worked. Was I supposed to follow the directions on the sign or on the physical flusher?

My suggestion would be to make sure that these flushers are installed in a way that follows the sign wherein the flusher is explained. Doing this would prevent a lot of unneeded confusion and would give the users the comfort that they did their part in saving the environment!


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