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Stupid Usability #92

Audi Sunglasses Compartment

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 3/16/2015

From the mind of Erik Bredesen, Sales Advisor at High Monkey:

I recently bought a new Audi A6, a purchase that I was extremely excited about and, all in all, very happy with. The car has so many features, I feel like I am in a fighter jet cockpit, okay, not the same at all, but you get the idea. The usability of these features is extremely convenient for how complex the systems are, and they have mastered the electronics interface. However, there is one thing that I am really disappointed with, and it seems like one of the easiest things to get right! The overhead sunglasses compartment. You know, the one that you push-click and it folds down to display your sunglasses. Yes, it may seem very trivial, and probably the last thing I should be complaining about, but for someone who is constantly losing their sunglasses, this is a really convenient feature…usually.

I believe they have been putting these in cars since before I was born, so you would think that it would have been perfected by now, especially by a company that boasts the tagline “The truth in Engineering”. Well Audi, there was no truth in the engineering of this compartment, apparently only lies! I have tried storing 3 different pairs of sunglasses in it, 1 pair I couldn’t even fit in the thing, as they were too big. The other 2 pairs did fit but I had to jimmy them in there, and I am sure over time this will provide the lenses with a lovely array of scratches. Once they are in there, the compartment rotates back into the overhead slot and everything is great. Oddly enough, as hard as it was for me to get the sunglasses into the compartment, they sure are quick to come shooting out when it is opened. Every time, no matter how I put them in there, they come flying back out when I open it, usually when I am driving of course. Just what I need, trying to find my sunglasses that fell under the seat while I am rocketing down the highway in rush hour.

Engineering truth: Make the compartment slightly bigger to fit all sunglasses, yes, even those cover all sunglasses that I will be wearing when I’m 85. Then, when the compartment drops down, don’t let it swing past 90 degrees so the sunglasses drop in your lap, acting as the first ingredient in a 10 car pileup recipe. Instead, how about a 70 degree angle? Just enough to provide room to remove the sunglasses, but not enough to let them fall out of the sky. Then Audi, you may just have the perfect vehicle…or I will just turn my griping toward another area of the vehicle; probably the latter.

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