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Stupid Usability #100

Game Golf

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 5/11/2015

From the mind of Erik Bredesen, Sales Advisor at High Monkey:

I recently looked into buying a new technology that has surfaced in the golf market, and that is stat tracking technology. As of right now, there are two viable products on the market, Arccos Golf and Game Golf. The jist is that you insert RFID “push pins”, as you can see in the picture, into the ends of each of your clubs, and using GPS technology they are able to track all of your shots and create statistics off of that information.

As an avid golfer, this is a very cool technology, and I was extremely excited to try it out. With a limited budget, I went with the Game Golf product at half the price. It works fairly well, however, there is one stupid usability characteristic that surfaced immediately. The whole point of this product is to keep your golf statistics while not being invasive on your actual golf game. The problem is that Game Golf has a wearable device that you clip on to your belt that you MUST tap with the RFID push pin before every shot to register the shot. Well, that is the definition of invasive! First, if you remember to do it, it screws up your whole pre-shot routine. Second, you won’t remember to do it and then it screws up all your stats. Easy fix Game Golf, get rid of the wearable device and “tapping” system, and have the push pins do all the work. O wait, Arccos Golf already does that…I guess you really do get what you pay for!

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