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Congrats, Ponytail Posse!

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 5/9/2017

High Monkey is a proud sponsor of The Ponytail Posse, an all-ladies robotics team from St.Paul, Minnesota. The ladies are in their junior year in high school and participate in FIRST robotics competition with their robot, Stacy. Learn more about The Posse at their website.

Since visiting the High Monkey office last year, The Ponytail Posse has competed in two different out-of-state competitions. The North Super Regional Championship took place March 30th through April 1st in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The championship was comprised of 72 robotics teams from 14 states and The Ponytail Posse represented Minnesota among the best teams in the Midwest. They won the 2nd place Inspire Award overall at this competition, which helped the team advance to the World Championship!

The FTC World Championship took place April 26th through 29th in St. Louis, Missouri. There were 127 teams there from around the world. At the end of the week, The Ponytail Posse won a Judges Award for their positivity and professionalism when faced with adversity, as well as Promote Award for the awesome FIRST promotional video they created.

The Ponytail Posse was recently featured on the Twin Cities based “Jason Show”.  Check out the great video that tells the story of the Posse and their growth as a team.

Art-A-Whirl weekend is your opportunity to meet the members of the Ponytail Posse.  High Monkey is holding an open house starting at noon on Saturday, May 20.  The Posse and their robot, Stacy, will be doing demos that day, raising funds for their team, and looking to inspire other young engineers.  Please stop by and visit.

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Congratulations, Ponytail Posse! We are proud of you for making it to the World Championship and all your great accomplishments this year.

Chad's Bio Coming Soon!

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