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Stupid Usability #6

Hey Gmail, why did you hide your calendar?

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 11/25/2013

From the mind of Terri Ebert, Graphic Designer at High Monkey:

A couple weeks ago, Gmail slightly updated their email interface. I’m guessing their plan was to simplify their navigation, but I think it went a little too far. Before the update, they had a top navigation that allowed users to go to: search, images, maps, YouTube, news, documents, calendar, etc. I mostly used this navigation to get to my calendar or to my Google Docs.

After the update, it took me several tries to figure out how to get to my calendar. I eventually found it. They hid their line of navigation under one pull down menu (which is like the menu icon on mobile devices). Then, to add to my frustration, all of the apps use their large icons, so you have to scan through to find the one you want (ie. The calendar).

The next two times I wanted to go to my calendar, I had to remember where to find it. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the technology and usually don’t have too many issues with updated interfaces. But this one is too much for me. The use of the graphic pull down menu should be used for mobile only. Not for the desktop.

The least Gmail could’ve done was put “Apps” with a down arrow instead of the 9 little boxes, so we would know that it’s extended (and hidden) navigation.

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