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Kentico Draft - First Impression

Written By: Virgil Carroll
Posted: 11/4/2015

Let me begin this post by saying that Kentico has continued to make large strides when it comes to content management. From simpler navigation, to an easy to use back end, Kentico has continued to create new innovations in the content management space. Another large way that this is apparent is by the introduction of Kentico’s new Content Migration tool Kentico Draft.

One of the biggest struggles in the content management process is getting content editors and SMEs to provide consistent content in a timely manner.  In most projects, where we need to wait for a content management system to be implemented prior to content development, projects tend to get delayed due to the disconnect between these two processes.  Helping with these complicated situations is where Kentico Draft fits into your content management projects.

With Kentico Draft, gone are the days of finding content that is missing from a newly designed site post launch OR having your content editors wait and wait until the site is the right shape to let them get to work.  This tool can help streamline your content creation processes and better integrate it into the overall site build process!

“With Kentico Draft, you and your team can now produce engaging content in a single location, where you can write, oversee, and approve content to get it ready for publishing quicker.”

One major plus with Kentico Draft is the ability to set up a content editors environment in the tool which directly mirrors the CMS site structure your content will be pushed into.

Having the ability to swiftly setup content ‘templates’ to meet your specific project scenarios will dramatically reduce the time spent by your editors and SMEs creating and modifying content while not delaying overall progress.  These templates can be organized into a sitemap to provide editors with a visual cue to content organization as well as an easier way to view and filter in-progress content.

Kentico Draft also comes with out of the box workflow development to help you streamline your content review and approval processes.

Having this feature allows your content editors to track the state of individual pieces of content and easily pass content through a comprehensive review and approval process.  This will greatly help with adoption by larger organizations that have complex quality assurance processes they wish to go through prior to content being pushed into production.  The workflow is very powerful, yet simple to build, and can allow you to determine who has the ability to assist at what stage in the process.

Where Kentico Draft is not the first tool of its kind, it is the first to integrate completely with the best in class Kentico Content Management System.  Where it is only be able to integrate with Kentico currently, there are plans in the work to enable to push the content into other CMS platforms as well, making it a very powerful tool for the CMS space.

Being able to create content for your website in advance of a site built out will help you and your company save time, money, and endless frustration. This is a giant step forward for Kentico and we are excited to start using this tool ourselves.

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