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Day 1 SharePoint Conference

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 10/4/2011

(From the mind of Peter Serzo, Previously VP of Consulting Services at High Monkey)

It's has been a couple of years since Vegas – this year family friendly Disney.

I attended three sessions today plus the keynote:

  1. Keynote – A bit underwhelming I hate to say. The Hollywood video showing Mrs. Brady, Luke something from 90210 was cute. I actually thought they were going to trot out a Hollywood star with Jeff Tepper. But they did not.
  2. The Future of BI – Unfortunately, not much new here and not much on the future of BI. I would even call this a retread of a session I saw two years ago in Vegas. However, Project Crescent was shown very briefly. Very nice end user tool. But you will have to have Denali – whenever that is released. GOLDEN NUGGET: The October CU will have enhancements so that PPS/Excel Services will show on mobile devices such as the IPAD. (Also, not to brag, BUT, they are using a Movie Database with Crescent – I have been speaking and using a Movie DB (and Cube) since about 2 years ago when I speak about PPS).
  3. Bill Baer showing Denali – Unfortunately I got there late due to Exhibitor duties. But it was a very deep session on the new enhancements in Denali. Very nice.
  4. PPS/Excel Services Troubleshooting – Good session, deep. Kevin did talk about SP1 enhancements AND a little bit about Denali. GOLDEN NUGGET: There will be a new content type with Denali – The BISM Content Type. This will be a kind of back door method to taking care of the double hop when obtaining data from a backend database. More to follow on this…

High Monkey is a proud exhibitor at this year's conference – so come see us. I have loved meeting all the folks that have come by – put on the shirt and have your picture taken: Check out the story on our High Monkey Facebook:

Mention this blog and one golden nugget and I will ensure that you will get a tee shirt (and they are awesome!). Maybe even a signed book (maybe…).

Talk to you later.


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