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Stupid Usability #68

(Slide) Master of Design

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 9/8/2014

From the mind of Joel Baglien, VP of Business Growth at High Monkey:

On rare occasions I need to update a PowerPoint slide template.  It's not something I'm going to waste current brain cells remembering how to do since it should be easy to figure out.  "Should" is the key word in the previous sentence.  In the realm of stupid usability, PowerPoint should be laid out so it's easy to use based on how people actually use it.  In the case of slide template editing - it is a usability failure to the point of stupid.
Picture if you will, a normal PowerPoint slide deck in need of a background logo and address change that affects all slides in the deck.  In my thinking, I want to make a change to the design of the PowerPoint slides.  Naturally I click on the "Design" tab within the PowerPoint navigation.

Lots of options to look at.  Bingo!  I find the one I need on the far right that says, "Background Styles" and click on it.

Promising  . . . I click on the "Format Background" option.

Nothing here that helps me change what I need to change for the background of my slides, so I click "Close"
I know Microsoft likes to provide lots of options with the "right mouse button" menu, so I try that.

Hmmm . . . I click the "Format Background" link - see pop-up window above.  Not helpful.
Ok, let's right click and try the "Layout" link instead.  No joy here either.

Next thing I do is click my way across all the tabs at the top of the PowerPoint application thinking that there has to be something I'm missing.  I go back to the "Design" tab and REALLY look at all the options.  After all, I am making a change to the design of the slides.  Nothing, nada, nyet.  Time is ticking away.  My productivity is dropping like a stone.  I finally stumble my way over to the last tab on the navigation bar - "View".

Just for the heck of it, I click on the different views.  The "Slide Master" view reveals the following:

And there it is.
The one place I need to go to change the design of the slide backgrounds, images, pagination, header styles, text fonts, text colors, bulleted list formats, add text blocks, etc.. etc., and etc.
Message to the Microsoft PowerPoint team.  "View" and "Slide Master" is the LAST place I would ever think to look when making a change to the DESIGN of a slide or slides in a presentation.  Design is design.  Stop with the stupid usability already and put it where it belongs.

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