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Stupid Usability #69

Comcast, Fix Your Issues

Written By: High Monkey
Posted: 9/15/2014

From the mind of Terri Ebert, Graphic Designer at High Monkey:

I recently moved and transferred my Comcast service to a new address. When you do that, the Comcast representatives tell you to use the same login information to view the new address account information. The thing they forget to mention is that you need the account number when adding a new address to your account online.

Because I didn’t have this number, I called Comcast to get my account number. I went online and tried to add my new number along with the new address, but it wouldn’t allow me to do it. Then, yesterday I was charged $184 for my service. (Side note – I was under the impression that my bill would be in the $100 range.) I thought being charged at all was odd seeing as how I never received a bill in the mail or my email and it wasn’t attached to my account online.

So I decided to call them. I told the representative about my problems and she updated my account from her end – Stupid Usability #1. The process to transfer services from one address to another shouldn’t be difficult. I should be able to update my own account as long as I have all the correct information.

Now, my second issue – the Comcast bills.

There is a breakdown of the charges, but they’re not very clear. I have had multiple instances where I was charged for something and not sure why or what the charge was for. This particular time, I was charged $42 for “install addl outlet.” When I transferred my services, I was supposed to receive free installation with the package I selected – in my mind, the $42 shouldn’t have been there. In my conversation with the representative, I had to repeatedly ask what the $42 was for because she kept talking about the taxes and not the $42. Once we were on the same page, I explained to her about my free installation, but she explained that the additional boxes are charged extra in the installation. But, she ended up crediting me $28 because they were charging me for 3 additional boxes when I only had 1!

This is stupid usability because on my own, I could not understand the charges on my bill. Here’s what I wish Comcast would do in the future.

  1. Adding a new address to your online account should only require the account number you receive during installation. It should be quick and painless.
  2. Comcast should keep a better record of the conversations their representatives have with customers. Customers never speak to the same representative, so Comcast never has any proof of the deals and promises the representatives make to customers (i.e. my free installation).
  3. I would like to see more detailed explanations on the bills. I don’t want to have to call Comcast about these issues and I’m sure they’d prefer if I didn’t call to complain to them all the time. With a description I could have been able to decipher what the $42 was for. (Yes, I still would have called since I was being over charged).

Lastly, a word of warning to you all. If you think Comcast is overcharging you, they probably are. Call and complain.

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