High Monkey at WebCon

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By Joel Baglien, VP Business Development

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April 28, 2016 – 9:45AM

I Hotel and Conference Center

High Monkey just recently sponsored and attend The University of Illinois Webcon in Champaign-Urbana. During the event we had our booth set up and had really great conversations with the attendees, letting them know more about High Monkey as well as just chatting about the web.

High Monkey’s President and Principal Human Solutions Architect, Virgil Carroll was also at the event sharing his deep knowledge of the web with his speaking topic “Negotiating the ‘Stupid’ out of UX Design”. Virgil had a very good turnout for his session with over 90 attendees in the crowd.

Virgil speaking at U of I WebCon

The description for Virgil’s sessions read as follows: “One of the most frustrating parts of any web project is the need to balance the ‘wants’ of the business with the ‘needs’ of your visitors. Depending on your internal dynamics, business desires can often override user experience to accomplish the needs of ego stroking, agenda setting and other senseless ‘requirements’. After having worked on many complex projects over the past 18 years, this session will explore the challenging dynamics between balancing internal pressures with common sense UX and teach practical approaches to avoid these situations before they occur, including:

  1. Collaborative activities that can be used to identify truly important business wants and needs and help prioritize appropriately.
  2. Techniques when running into internal stakeholder roadblocks, including using visitor perspectives and objective data to help convince the stubborn and enlighten those in the dark
  3. Increasing project success by learning to ‘teach while gathering’ during your requirements process”

View the slide deck

The University of Illinois Webcon is a growing web learning event in Illinois that includes front and back end developers, designers, and even web architects. Visit http://webcon.illinois.edu/ to learn more about this event and be sure to keep an eye out for the announcement for the 2017 event!