UIMN.ORG Stands Ready to help Minnesotans

UIMN.ORG Stands Ready to help Minnesotans
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By Joel Baglien, VP Business Development

Categories: User Experience,  Partnership

In 2012, High Monkey worked with Minnesota DEED, specifically the Unemployment Insurance team, to completely redesign the UIMN.ORG website. In the past few weeks, the UIMN.ORG website has been mentioned in press conferences by Minnesota's Governor Walz, DEED Commissioner Grove, and multiple other organizations and media outlets as the best online resource for unemployment insurance information. Paralleling the national trend, countless Minnesotan's are facing job loss or a temporary disruption of their employment due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We wanted to share a bit of background about the UIMN.ORG website and why it meets such a critical need at this time.  Just a note of clarification - our work was limited to this public facing website, the system DEED uses to process unemployment claims is a separate thing.

When we began the UIMN.ORG redesign project, the DEED Team had several goals; make the website easier to navigate, give it a 'less governmental' look, and make finding information intuitive.  We conducted a number of usability studies with fellow Minnesotans who had been recently laid off and needed information about how to apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits.  A woman in her 50's told us, "I just want to know if I'm going to be okay." Her comment became a touch-stone for the entire project.  We had to design a website that was easy to use that would give visitors a sense of confidence that they could find the information they needed about applying for UI benefits, the process, and what to expect.

The UIMN.ORG website's design, layout, and navigation has remained essentially unchanged since 2012. Yes, we are proud of the work we did on the website.  But, the greatest reward is that we played a part in helping our friends and neighbors in a time of great stress. We hope they feel that things are going to be okay.

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