High Monkey's Virgil Carroll receives a "Shout-Out" from the Kentico Draft Team!

High Monkey's Virgil Carroll receives a
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High Monkey has been extremely busy over the past couple of months, With the move to Northeast Minneapolis, the constant flow of project work, and even helping out with one of Kentico Draft’s newest features dealing directly with Taxonomy.

High Monkey’s Virgil Carroll even got recognition in the newsletter from the Kentico Draft team, see the message below –

“Taxonomy is the most significant feature we’ve shipped. With the help of a lot of you, and, most notably, Virgil Carroll of High Monkey, we’re bringing you the ability to manage multiple taxonomy groups to categorize the content at the time you’re creating it. We see this as a huge advancement for websites that are rendering content based on specific category tags. And, of course, we have updated the Import module for Kentico to import Taxonomy as Categories while you’re importing the content automatically.”

High Monkey is extremely excited about this new feature in Kentico Draft and we look forward to using it in our own environment in the immediate future.

Learn more about Kentico draft at https://kenticocloud.com

Stay tuned for more around the taxonomy feature in Kentico draft!