Kentico Draft New Features - 8/25/16

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By Virgil Carroll, Human Solutions Architect, Founder

Categories: Learn,  Partnership

As most know, I have been helping with some of the envisioning of Kentico’s newest product, Kentico Draft, for quite a while.  From where it was when first released, the toolset continues to improve and make huge strides into providing a strong bridge between content creating / management and your CMS.  As with any journey, things are found and innovations are brought in to help make the product even better.  This week the Kentico Draft team announced some new features that I believe are going to greatly enhance this already top-notch cloud-based service.
So with this latest release the Kentico Draft team has added:

  • A REST API to help develop custom import connections to other CMS platforms and automation of your organization’s content migration processes
  • Readability improvements to the content items screen allowing for better breakdown of separate page components and easier scanability
  • Improved connection between content items and their individual components, decreasing the time it takes content authors to edit information shared across multiple pages

And this is all on top of their recent release of content tagging and categorization into the toolset. (This one I will be blogging about extensively starting very soon)
I am very happy with where the Kentico Draft tool is headed and look forward to what new features will be added next!
To check out the full release text, visit here: