ChimpOlympics 2017

ChimpOlympics 2017
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The ChimpOlympics

The weather is changing and our interns are getting ready to head back to college, which means fall is upon us—and more importantly, football season is near.


High Monkey employees are getting excited. While not all of us are Vikings fans (not pointing any fingers…) many of us are football fans, and one of the many perks of working at HM is the occasional use of the company’s season tickets. This year, we’re assigning Vikings tickets in a less traditional, more competitive fashion.  

ChimpOlympics Scoreboard in High Monkey Office

The “ChimpOlympics” commenced today.  All employees are participating in a series of games to earn points. At the end, players will get to choose the Vikings game of their choice—starting with those who have the highest point total and ending with lowest overall score. 

This year’s competition includes six “Minute to Win It”-style games such as penny stacking, cookie face, and a bean bag toss.


The Games

Today, we started out the competition with some bowling…

Brian bowlingChad and bowling set

Erik knocked down the most pins (12, it's harder than it looks), winning first for bowling. The second game was a very tricky computer game that left most monkey's a bit stumped--except Joel who got the lowest and therefore winning score. We then finished up with an intense round of penny-stacking where Brandon secured his first place spot in the competition after stacking 25 pennies with his non-dominant hand in under 46 seconds!

Computer gameJoel stacking pennies

Today's games were a bunch of fun, and next week the games will continue. Stay tuned for competition updates and photos via social media, and wish your favorite monkey’s good luck (they need it)!