Funnelback Releases 15.12.0

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On November 15th, Funnelback upgrade 15.12.0 was released. The High Monkey team is very excited about this release and all the new features it has to offer.

Even with our objective stance about technology platforms, we are impressed with our search partner, Funnelback. Some of you may know that High Monkey does not enter into partnerships lightly.  We only partner with other organizations – and their people – that we believe in, share their vision, and have found that our ability to work together is muy simpatico.

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last couple of years, you should know that Accessibility is a really big deal and it is becoming bigger every day.  It used to be that government, higher education, and other public institutions worried the most about website Accessibility – in part because a variety of laws required that they be compliant and also because it is the right thing to do.  Now, several recent legal cases in the private sector (we’re not going to name names) have caused a seismic wave of awareness about Accessibility and, for many, a murky awareness about compliance with WCAG AA and AAA standards. Sometimes it takes legal sharks smelling blood in the water to get people’s attention – regardless of the catalyst, Accessibility is the RIGHT way to design, build, and maintain your website.  At High Monkey, we know a thing or two (or three) about Accessibility and building Accessible websites.

THAT, is why we are so excited about Funnelback’s expanded and improved accessibility features.


Overhauled faceted navigation, greatly simplified data-model for rendering, and simplified implementation of many previously complex scenarios are among the most exciting new features for 15.12.0. There is now added support for checkbox facets with result counts and for tabbed presentation, radio button facets, and mixed facet category sources. A new configuration interface is being introduced in 15.12.0, which includes a preview page and helpful troubleshooting tips. This release also adds a substantially improved performance of metadata-based facet queries.

Accessibility Made Easier 

The 15.12.0 update also includes an expanded range of checks performed by the Accessibility Auditor and an improved reporting interface. A new reporting overview provides summaries of changes by WCAG levels, and auditing of a single document now breaks down issues by WCAG principles.

Let's Talk Features

This release also includes the following new features:

  • Option of x.509 client certificate authentication for search interface
  • Experimental support for SAML authentication in search and administration interfaces
  • Support for gathering content from HPE Content Manager 9.1
  • Added an all results endpoint for streaming back all results of a query, even if the set is very large
  • A non-expiring application token is now supported by most Funnelback APIs.
  • New auto-completion plugin
  • An advanced update option to reapply any reconfigured gscopes a collection’s live view.

You can learn more about 15.12.0’s features, improvements, and bug fixes in Funnelback’s Release Notes.