High Monkey Helps out for the Holidays

High Monkey Helps out for the Holidays
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Every year at High Monkey during the season of giving, we like to think of a way to give back to our community, and this year was no exception! Wednesday at our offices in Northeast MPLS, the crew divided and conquered to help out two great organizations that are doing a little extra for people in need during the Holidays: The Aliveness Project & Good in the Hood.

The Aliveness Project is an organization that functions as a sanctuary and resource for those who are living HIV positive. As recently as 2017, an estimated 36.9 million people worldwide are living with HIV or AIDS (per hiv.gov). For those who are currently living with the disease, the resulting change of lifestyle and social stigmas can make life difficult to live. As The Aliveness Project describes on their website, "For over 30 years, we have been facilitating connection to community, offering nutrition & wellness services, and linking our members to resources to lead fulfilling & healthy lives." If this seems like an organization you might like to contribute to, go ahead and visit their website.

Good in the Hood is a program dedicated to inner-city community improvement through service opportunities. As stated on their website, Good in the Hood "is dedicated to changing lives together with simple acts of kindness. Although our service opportunities are not solely limited to the urban community, we do have a purposeful inner-city affinity and a commitment to serve those with the most need." This year at High Monkey we participated in their "Adopt-a-Family" program, which focuses on supplying homeless and in-need children and teens with gifts for Christmas. If you would like to contribute to Good in the Hood, see all of the different ways you can volunteer or donate at their website here.