High Monkey Has Moved to NE Minneapolis!

High Monkey Has Moved to NE Minneapolis!
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High Monkey has officially moved!!! After 5+ years at our Roseville location we decided it was time for a change. Our new office is located in Northeast Minneapolis in the Waterbury building.  Our new address is 1121 Jackson St NE Suite 121 Minneapolis MN 55413.

Photo of the exterior of the Waterbury building

The new location follows an open floor concept, including pods of desks for our design and development teams. Our goal with an open concept is to encourage free flowing conversations, spontaneous exchanging of ideas, and fostering more creativity.  We value those as tools that will help us improve how we work and the type of innovative solutions we deliver for our customers.

Photo of High Monkey office from inner corner

Our new office also features a new conference room equipped with garage doors on two sides. This visual 'openess' is one of the focal points of the new High Monkey office!

Photo of smart, human, solutions hexagons on the side of the conference room wall inside new High Monkey office

Picture of inside the conference room, including large table and flat screen tv

Another focal point of the new office is our History of Heroes wall! Each employee at High Moonkey was given a blank canvas and tasked with representing themselves through their own unique art! Below are the results!

Photo of 'History of Heroes' wall in High Monkey office

Our High Monkey first day in the new space was on June 27th! We celebrated by having the Tru Pizza food truck serve lunch outside our front door.  We gave coupons to the tennants of the Waterbury building for discounts at the food truck. We had an excellent turnout, a lot of great 'parking lot conversations' with our new neighbors, and, the pizzas were fantastic!

Pizza foodtruck

We incorporated bright colors throughout the new office - from wall colors, table legs, and artistic accents. The photos below give you a bit of a virtual tour.  Let us know what you think!

Picture of High Monkey kitchen

Photo of scrum table and High Monkey kitchen

Photo of desks and computers in new office

Scrum table

High Monkey entrance area

High Monkey is very excited to be in Northeast Minneapolis and we look forward to exploring nearby brew pubs, food trucks, and hidden gem dining spots in the area.

We hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of the new office and we hope you can visit us in the near future.

Until next Time!