Negotiating the 'Stupid' out of UX Design - Webinar - August 25, 2016

Negotiating the 'Stupid' out of UX Design - Webinar - August 25, 2016
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High Monkey's Founder and human solutions architect Virgil Carroll will be presenting "Negotiating the 'Stupid' out of UX Design" via GoToWebinar coming up on August 25, 2016 at 10 AM CST!

If you missed the Webinar, click this link to view a recording!

View the slide deck from the presentation

About the Presentation:

One of the most frustrating parts of any web project is the need to balance the ‘wants’ of the business with the ‘needs’ of your visitors. Depending on your internal dynamics, business desires can often override user experience to accomplish the needs of ego stroking, agenda setting and other senseless ‘requirements’. After having worked on many complex projects over the past 18 years, this session will explore the challenging dynamics between balancing internal pressures with common sense UX and teach practical approaches to avoid these situations before they occur, including:

  1. Collaborative activities that can be used to identify truly important business wants and needs and help prioritize appropriately.
  2. Techniques when running into internal stakeholder roadblocks, including using visitor perspectives and objective data to help convince the stubborn and enlighten those in the dark
  3. Increasing project success by learning to ‘teach while gathering’ during your requirements process

About Virgil Carroll:

Virgil grew up as an Alaskan fisherman, so he knows that life, like business, can be smooth sailing one minute and stormy seas the next. After graduating with his Master’s degree, Virgil decided to put his myriad talents to good use and formed High Monkey and is currently its principal human solutions architect. When Virgil speaks technology he does it from a business person’s point of view. You won’t find his talks clouded with “tech geek” speak. Virgil has an expansive breadth of knowledge and speaks objectively about a variety of subjects.